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River Alliance of CT > Priority Topics > Protecting State Open Space and Drinking Water Lands

Protecting State Open Space
and Drinking Water Lands





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Feb 21, 2017

DEEP Announces New Open Space Acquisition Strategy

The Green Plan is Connecticut's open-space aquisition plan. It is a report on the state's open space program and policy. (DEEP) has updated the 2016-2020 Comprehensive Open Space Acquisition Strategy (Green Plan) which guides the state's effort to meet its goal of conserving 21% of Connecticut's land base as open space by year 2023. The Green Plan and information on Connecticut open space is available for viewing and downloading at http://www.ct.gov/deep/cwp/view.asp?q=511558. Questions or comments may be directed to Jamie Sydoriak at Jamie.Sydoriak@ct.gov

In their press release DEEP reports: "The plan recommends the acquisition of certain lands for environmental and public recreation conservation centers around four major themes: "Natural Waters and Drinking Water Resources," "Areas Significant to the Coast," "Natural Heritage Resources," and "Natural Resource-based Outdoor Recreation." The Green Plan's statewide open space acquisition priorities were developed in coordination with and support of  other key State planning documents related to open space, such as the Climate Change Preparedness Plan<http://www.ct.gov/deep/cwp/view.asp?Q=528012>, Forestry Action Plan<http://www.ct.gov/deep/cwp/view.asp?q=454164>, Wildlife Action Plan<http://www.ct.gov/deep/cwp/view.asp?q=325886>, and Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan<http://www.ct.gov/deep/cwp/view.asp?q=323864>.  In addition, a series of meetings and discussions were held with internal and external conservation partners.  A draft version of the plan was revised based on a public comment period."


Rivers Alliance of CTTTTT > Priority Topics  > Protecting State Open Space and Drinking Water Lands >

Jan 13, 2017

Comment Opportunity to Protect Class I/II Land

Please write to CT DPH Commissioner Raul Pino if you wish to communicate concern about a plan to convey wastewater from the Woodridge Lake Sewer District to the Torrington wastewater treatment facility in Harwinton.  This sewer crosses a section of Class II reservoir land belonging to Torrington Water Company, and extends for a mile along the drinking-water watershed on land not belonging to the water company (and therefore not legally Class II).  DEEP believes that the portion of the pipeline that crosses the property of the water company is not “in” Class II land because it will be in in the right-of-way for Route 4 (which runs throught the property.)

Contact Information:
Commissioner Raul Pino, MD, MPH
CT Department of Public Health,
410 Capitol Avenue, Hartford CT 06134

Email is Raul.Pino@ct.gov (mailto:Raul.Pino@ct.gov)  cc to Lori.Mathieu@ct.gov (mailto:Lori.Mathieu@ct.gov)

In NW Connecticut, the Torrington Water Company is opposing a proposal by the Woodridge Lake Sewer District (WLSD) and the Department of Energy and  Environmental Protection (DEEP) to run a wastewater pipe through Torrington Water Company Class I/II land to convey sewage from the lake community in Goshen to the City of Torrington’s wastewater treatment plant in Harwinton.  In Connecticut policy and law, Class I/II lands have the highest priority for protection.  They are water company-owned recharge areas for drinking water sources.

Excerpt from Rivers Alliance letter (1/3/17) to Commissioner Pino

The proposed plan would pipe the wastewater from the Woodridge Lake community across Class I and II land belonging to the Torrington Water Company. As you know, Class I and II lands have the highest priority for protection under Connecticut law. No projects are allowed therein, except certain infrastructure directly related to water supply. The Department of Public Health (DPH) has the chief responsibility for upholding this protection.

Our first worry has to do with the precedent. This is the same worry that led so many groups in 2015-2016, to oppose the proposed Kinder-Morgan Tennessee Gas pipeline under the Class II reservoir recharge lands belonging to the Metropolitan District in West Hartford. That project was eventually abandoned by its proponents.

Second, is the risk of direct harm in the field associated with construction, maintenance, and accidents, including pipe flaws and failures. DEEP and others say that the pipe will he engineered with extra safeguards against accidents All engineered sewer lines are designed to be safe. Nevertheless, accidents happen.

Third, the proposed project will convey thousands of gallons of water daily out of one watershed and into another. As this summer's drought illustrated, basins in the northwest corner can readily run dry. Whenever possible, water should he kept local. Moreover, the waters in the relevant areas are of unusually high quality: almost all are classified as AA, that is, water used for or suitable for drinking. The less disruption of these watersheds, the better.

Finally, there appear to be feasible alternatives for the wastewater problems in the WLSD. There are alternative routes that would avoid Class I and II land. There is also an opportunity for local treatment making use of the 90-acre property now acting as a treatment and leach held. Our research indicates that technology exists that is suitable for wastewater treatment in an area in need of remediation.

We ask that you oppose this project, at least insofar as it would enter the protected recharge land of the Torrington Water Company.


River Alliance of CT > Priority Topics > Protecting State Open Space and Drinking Water Lands

Oct 25, 2016

 Public Act 16-61 AAC, An Environmental Study On a Change In Use Of New Britain Water Company Land


Dkt. No. 16-08-43: A list of all documents filed with the state under this docket can be found at: http://www.dpuc.state.ct.us/dockcurr.nsf/(Web+Main+View/All+Dockets)?OpenView&StartKey=16-08-43

PURA's Docket access page is at: http://www.ct.gov/pura/cwp/view.asp?q=404110, for account or login assistance, please contact the DEEP HelpDesk at 860-424-3882 or deep.helpdesk@ct.gov 


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