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US Sen. Chris Murphy Releases Long Island Sound Investment Plan

At a May 2 press conference at the Legislative Office Building in Hartford, U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy announced the release of his Long Island Sound Investment Plan to ensure that the Sound is protected and “remains the ecological landmark and economic driver it is today.”

“From the thousands of species of wildlife the Sound support, to the fishing and aquaculture industries, to submarine manufacturing, and simple family afternoons on the beach, our state fundamentally depends on a healthy Long Island Sound,” Sen. Murphy said. The plan outlines the federal programs that support the Sound and the funding they require. It advocates for increased investments in programs that support job growth, like aquaculture research at Milford Lab (one of only two federal aquaculture research labs in the country) and programs that protect habitats. It also discusses ways to address water-quality challenges.

The plan calls for a total of $860 million in funding for the following federal programs:

Promoting Stewardship and Fostering Healthy Coastal Habitats

  • $10 million for the EPA’s Long Island Sound Geographic Program to support implementation of the Long Island Sound Study
  • $600,000 for the National Estuary Program to develop and implement the Long Island Sound Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan (CCMP)
  • $68.4 million for NOAA’s Habitat Conservation and Restoration programs to protect marine life and strengthen natural ecosystems, including $21 million for the Community-based Restoration Program

Growing and Supporting Connecticut’s Fishing Industry

  • $20 million for aquaculture research at NOAA labs
  • $80 million for the National Sea Grant Colleges System, which provides $1.1 million in funding for education, research, and stakeholder collaboration at Connecticut Sea Grant at UConn Avery Point
  • $9 million to support aquaculture research in salt waters through the Marine Aquaculture program
  • $121.8 million to help restore fish habitats, manage the catch share program, and combat illegal fishing through the Fisheries Management Programs and Services
  • $150 million to improve aquatic habitat science and implement protected species management through the Fisheries and Ecosystem Science Programs and Services
  • Maintaining adequate resources and staffing at Milford Lab

Preparing for the Next Storm and Investing in Coastal Resilience

  • $53.8 million for Coastal Zone Management and Services to provide data and tools to coastal states on resiliency efforts
  • $10 million for Coastal Ecosystem Resiliency Grants to implement habitat friendly coastal resiliency projects
  • Continued implementation of Connecticut’s $54 million federal Housing and Urban Development grant to prepare our coastline for the impact of rising sea levels and severe storms
  • $10 million for the newly created National Oceanic and Coastal Security Fund to help Americans respond to the threats of rising sea levels and warming oceans

Protecting Clean Water at Beaches and Connecticut’s Maritime Economy

  • $21.7 million for Integrated Ocean Acidification research grants to study and combat ocean acidification
  • $164.9 million for Non-Point Source Program Grants to combat pollution from groundwater, rainfall, and land runoff
  • $9.5 million for BEACH Act grants to test water quality at beaches
  • $100 million for national Regional Conservation Partnership grants to continue Connecticut’s $10 million grant to improve the waterways that feed Long Island Sound
  • Swift implementation of the federal ban on microbeads in personal care products, which pollute bodies of water and negatively affect the health of marine life

Click here to read the press release with a link to the entire plan.


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